There are several reasons we allow ads on Godtube.

Advertising -- and the associations we enter into with other organizations -- is something we are constantly, prayerfully discussing and debating internally. Certainly, some decisions are easier than others. While many of our advertising partners choose to present their message to the audience because the product or service is of a Christian nature, other sponsors target Godtube from a strictly demographic standpoint.

For example, a Christian music producer may advertise a new release because the audience is Christian and therefore likely to purchase it, while a life insurance company might target the audience because we are mostly made up of families with one or more children in the home. We try very hard to work with appropriate organizations.

The unfortunate reality is that there would be no Godtube- no videos, no community, no website - if we couldn't pay the bills (and feed our families, etc.). Advertising support is the best option available, since we do not charge for our services, and do not solicit donations. Instead, we choose to encourage our membes to bless the ministries we partner with -- and their local church.

This is the best we can do, we believe we do so in accordance with God's will, and He has chosen to bless our efforts in his service. We will continue to do the best we can, while hopefully not becoming too much "of the world" in the process.