Step 1:
After logging in, click on the UPLOAD button in the upper-right hand corner:

Step 2:

After clicking the UPLOAD button, on the upload page SELECT FILE:


After selecting file, another window will pop up for you to find/browse for the media that you want to upload. After finding file, click on the file and select OPEN.

(We no longer offer the "Upload Using YouTube" option due to a high amount of copyright-infringed material)


After you have selected the files you want to upload, the upload process will begin. Once it reaches 100% and says complete, you will be able to enter relevant information for you upload, and you will also be able to select a thumbnail image.


Click the RED "Publish" button to finalize your upload. You will see a URL of your video that was successfully uploaded.

That's it! If you have any questions, please contact our support team by visiting and clicking on the Contact support button.