We are sorry that you are having issues with our emails and videos.  Please make sure the volume control is turned up on both your device and the video player.  You can find the volume control in the bottom right corner of the video player.  

 If you continue to run into issue, it would be great if you could provided some addition information to help us troubleshoot the issue. 

What device are you using? And what operating system is your device using?

What browser are you using? Is it the most up to date version?

Have you cleared you cache and cookies?

When did the issue start?

Are you still having issues with this problem?

Are you getting any error messages?  If so, please email us a screen shot of the message. 

Are you having trouble with all the videos?  If it is only one or so, please email us the link. 

If you know of any information that you might think is important for us to look into, please let us know.