Reference searches:

  • Type your verse reference with at least 3 letters of the book name, and the chapter and verse separated by a colon.  
    EX:  Genesis 1:1; John 3:16; Num 4:11; Mal 3; Mar 7
  • If you are searching on more than one verse reference, separate the references with a semicolon (;).
    EX:  Genesis 1; Matthew 1; Joh 3:16; Rom 8
  • If you don't remember the verse or chapter number, just type in the book name, and use the "Chapter" and "Book" navigation links in the reading pane to scan for your passage.

Keyword searches:

  • For the most relevant results, be as specific as you can with your keywords.
    EX:  Instead of searching for "love," search for "love of God," or "love for the church."
  • When searching on more than one word, add the words AND or OR (all uppercase) between them to indicate whether you want the search conducted on all of the words or either of the words.
    EX:  Jesus AND Mary; Jesus OR Mary
  • To search on all forms of a particular word, add a * symbol to the end of the word.
    EX:  believ* will search on believe, believer, believed, believing, etc.; lov* will search on love, lover, loved, loving, etc.
  • To search on an exact phrase (instead of the individual words in a phrase), add quotes around the words.
    EX:  "son of man"; "faith in God"
  • If you don't know the spelling of the word you want to search for, type in just the first few letters.
    EX:  Zerub (for Zerubabbel), Bab (for Babylon), Hez (for Hezekiah), Isc (for Iscariot)