Search Tools

You'll find a "Search the Bible" box on our homepage and in the header on every page of this site.  Simply enter in your keyword, verse or reference into this box and hit "Enter" on your keyboard or click the "Search" button.  The "search results page" will present your results in all available content types under the tabbed toolbox. Click on "Bibles," "References," "Bible Study," or "Pastor's Resources" to view the search results by content type. You can toggle results returned to display by book of the Bible or by most relevant with the links right below the toolbox.

To filter your search results by testament, book or section of the Bible, use the "Filter Results" drop down menu in the toolbox. To change the translation, or search all translations, use the "Translations" drop down menu in the toolbox. You can use the final drop down menu to adjust the number of verses that display in the search results below.

The Bible study tools will remember the last version of the Bible you used, and return results in that translation until you change it.

You can skip directly to the toolbox view from the homepage without searching, by clicking on the "Advanced Search" link next to the "Search" button.

Results Return

If you search for one verse or chapter of the Bible, that specific passage or scripture will return. You can also search for multiple passages simultaneously and return several passages on the same page.

If you search by keyword or phrase, a list of verses where the searched for term is used in Scripture or our supporting resources will appear. Click on the verse to display it in the "Reading View." Each verse returned will include links that offer you the ability to view the entire chapter, the verse in two translations simultaneously (View in Parallel), and the verse in every available translation (Compare Translations). In KJV and NAS version, a link to an interlinear view that compares the verse to its original Greek or Hebrew text will display.


If you know what part of the Bible or specifically what reference material you are looking for, you can use the "Browse the Bible" or "Browse the Library" buttons on the homepage and in the header of all pages on Bible Study Tools, and go directly to the desired reference with the helpful drop down menus.